DEP Announces Plans to Reduce Permit Backlogs and Modernize Permitting Process

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has announced its new plan to reduce permit backlogs, modernize permitting processes, and better utilize technology to improve both oversight and efficiency. The announcement is a result of a yearlong effort to identify and implement strategies that will help DEP meet the goals of the Permit Decision Guarantee.

Under the plan, the DEP will continue to implement new approaches to its permitting processes by simplifying bureaucratic and outdated procedures. New initiatives include:

• Expanding the e-permitting system to include several key development permits, reducing the
time spent trading paper between DEP and industry.
• Creating a new analytics program that helps managers track progress on open permit
applications – allowing them to know how long permits have been in the system.
• Releasing new review processes and registration practices for key development permits for
clarification on what is needed to complete an application and make it easier to apply for
these permits.
• Supporting common sense legislation that will bring the permit process in line with the
industry it is engaged with, such as extending permit terms and allowing multi-well pad

For a more detailed overview of DEP’s Permit Reforms visit:

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