Bond Rate Guideline (BRG) Changes and New Grading Categories

After nearly a year of discussion and consideration, the DEP Bureau of Mining Programs has agreed to changes with regard to how it calculates surface coal mining bond rates. Currently, the Department bases it bond rate calculations on the lowest three bids on BAMR projects. However, beginning in April the DEP with calculate surface coal mining bond rates by using the single lowest bid received on BAMR projects.

Bobby Burns, owner of Keystone Anthracite, who represents the anthracite industry on the state’s Mine Reclamation Advisory Board (MRAB), has long been advocating and pushing the Department for such a change. “Using the single the lowest bid a fairer way of calculating bond rates.” Said Burns. “Overall this should reduce anthracite coal mine operators bonding costs.”

In addition to the calculation change, the DEP Bureau of Mining Programs is adding two additional BRG categories. Currently, BRGs are based on grading of <500 feed and grading loading> Go back to previous page

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