Pennsylvania Prepared Anthracite Production Declines in 2019

According to figures obtained from the Federal Office of Surface Mining (OSM), Pennsylvania anthracite coal miners produced 1.784 million tons of prepared coal and another 222,751 tons of raw coal in 2019. Based on an estimated 50% recovery for the 222,000 tons of raw coal, the PAC estimates the industry produced just under 1.9 million tons of prepared anthracite product last year.

This is about a 6.7% decline from 2018 prepared production levels of just over two million tons of prepared anthracite product. Also, according to OSM figures, culm production was about 3.476 million tons in 2019.

Finally, anthracite coal operators paid $564,629.31 into the abandoned mine fund in 2019 compared to $594,191.26 in 2018.

Estimated Prepared Anthracite Production 2015-2019
Year Prepared Tons OSM AML Fee

2015 2,445,349 $709,945.17
2016 2,166,772 $623,434.97
2017 1,798,882 $526,756.24
2018 2,042,440 $594,191.26
2019 1,895,012 $564,629.31
*Figures based on data provide by the Federal Office of Surface Mining

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