MSHA Issues Warning to Mine Operators Regarding Unauthorized Recreational Vehicles on Active Mine Property

In a letter addressed to all Mount Pleasant District Mine Operators, Manager Mike Kelley, reminded mine operators that “unauthorized personnel on mine property is prohibited.”

In his letter, Kelley noted that MSHA has been receiving reports that recreational vehicles are using active mine properties for recreational purposes. Active and abandoned mine sites are popular and sometimes deadly draws for unauthorized recreational off-roaders and hikers. However, hazards at these sites are not always easy to see.

In his letter, Kelley pointed out that large mining equipment is constantly moving throughout both underground and surface coal mine sites creating significant hazards for unauthorized persons on the site. Additionally, he noted that surface explosives used for blasting are a severe danger as well.

Other hazards include constantly changing haul roads which can create hazards to unauthorized persons, loading and dumping locations and loose materials in stockpiles or refuse piles that can easily collapse. Further, accidents involving unauthorized recreational vehicles are common causes of fatalities on mining properties.

Kelley warns that “enforcement actions will be taken against the mine operator” if recreational vehicle activities are found on the mine site. Mine operators who have questions can call the MSHA Mount Pleasant District Office at 724-925-5150.

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